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All right, let's look at our first verse.

We have five phrases or "lines" of varying length. Our first line is what I call "normal"; it's 2 bars long and has one bar of E, then one bar divided with C and D.

Our next line has our first 9/8 bar on E, then half a bar each of C and D in 6/8. Our third phrase also has a bar of 9/8 on E again but then half a bar of D, then half a bar of our A chord.

Our fourth line in this verse also has a bar of 9/8; we play 6 beats of our E major chord, but then we make an interesting shift and play 3 beats of E minor, then back to 6/8 to a C for half a bar and a D for half a bar.

The fifth phrase is more "normal" (just 6/8) playing a half bar of C, a half bar of D, then a full bar of E (like our intro).

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