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Kiss From A Rose

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Hi all, this is Caren for Guitar Tricks and today I'll be teaching you "Kiss From a Rose", as made famous by Seal. Released back in 1995, this song was a huge hit and won several Grammy awards.

Despite the epic production in this song, we find that underneath it all is a simple, repeated chord progression. We'll learn the 3 chords make up most of the song, with another 3 sprinkled in for flavor.

We'll be learning two right hand techniques for this song; one is a 3 count strum and the other is arpeggiated finger picking. I'll be teaching you the hallmark finger picked intro which is used several times later in the song.

As we look at the form/structure we'll zero in on the rather mysterious timing; often when I'm discussing timing and structure with students I'm discussing repetition and similarities. This song is atypical in that it moves between 6/8 and 9/8 time.

We're in a 6/8 time signature for this song, at a tempo of 132 bpm, in the key of G. We'll be placing a capo at the 3rd fret and using open chord shapes.

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Kiss From A Rose