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More On Intervals: Flavor Your Leads

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In the previous tutorial we explored a handful of rock licks that can be adapted to work in almost any situation. Now it's time to explore some of the different alternative sounds you can throw in the mix with these. If we went back to the cooking analogy you could say that these are the "spices" you can add to the meat 'n' potatoes to make it extra interesting.

One of those spices would be the sounds of the different intervals and all the fun tricks you can do with these in a rock soloing context. We briefly touched upon this in level 1, but in this tutorial we're going to venture further into the concept of intervals in rock soloing.

We won't look at all the intervals, but just the most important ones for where we are at this point in the curriculum. We could literally spend a whole chapter on each of these intervals, so this will merely be an introduction to the different sounds. Hopefully it will open your ears to new sounds and styles! Let's get to it.

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More On Intervals: Flavor Your Leads