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I Walk the Line

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In this tutorial I will teach the the classic contry song "I Walk The Line", as made famous by Johnny Cash.

Recorded in 1956, this song is a true classic and you still hear it being played all the time. The lyrics are the main focus of this love song, but there are some interesting things going on with the guitars.

The acoustic guitar part in this song acts like a snare drum as they didn't have access to one at the time of recording, and drums weren't used much in country music back then.

The electric guitar part is played by Luther Perkins in the style known as boom-chick strumming, where you play root / chord, fifth / chord (sometimes third / chord).

Luther Perkins often tuned his guitar up one half step, and that is the case in this song. This song is also in cut time. I will explain all of this in further detail in coming lessons.

Let's dive in!

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Instructor Ben Lindholm
I Walk the Line