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Chet Atkins Style Artist Study

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The Chet Atkins style of playing guitar has been one of the most intriguing and frustrating styles of guitar for the last 70 years. Atkins way of playing a bass line, melody, and accompaniment at the same time marks a skill level far beyond the average guitarist. These skills, though, can be accomplished by anyone willing to put in a little practice time.

This series will walk through several Atkins-style techniques. We'll do two pieces that you can play anywhere. These pieces are essentially the same song. One is a simpler version of the other. We'll also talk about other Atkins techniques in the final lessons. However, let's get your feet wet with "Example 1", a simple bass line/melody piece in the style of country's finest master.

In this lesson, just listen to the piece. In the next lessons, we'll look at how to play Example 1.

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Instructor Bobby Howe
Chet Atkins Style Artist Study