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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship

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Classical music is traditionally composed, arranged and performed down to every little detail. The blues and almost any other style that is based on the blues is the exact opposite. It's based on some basic framework, like the 12 bar form and the typical lyric structure, common endings and so on, and then you improvise from there.

Improvising really just means to be loose and playful with the stuff you already know. It's not spontaneous creation of something entirely new. That can happen once in a blue moon and it's awesome, but 99% of the time you have to work and be creative with what you have.

So learn a bunch of licks from Guitar Tricks and from the records and players that you like, and really prioritize the process where you make it your own, like we do it in these lessons. Be playful with everything you learn and never compromise that!

At this point in the curriculum you probably know exactly what I mean with this, but just to be safe I'm gonna demonstrate it for you. First I'm gonna show you a very basic blues lick, explain how to improvise with it, and finally demonstrate it with a backing track.

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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship