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Now that you know how to set up your delay pedal and what the knobs do, let's unlock the magic of that elusive Dotted 8th-Note Setting.

Not an 8th note, not a 16th. In between the two is a rhythm called Dotted 8th, which is the equivalent of three 16th notes. (When you dot a rhythmic value it's like making it "time and a half." So a Dotted Quarter would be three 8th Notes. A Dotted 16th would be three 32nd notes. Got it?)

You can get this rhythm set up by tapping the tempo along with your metronome, or you can turn your tempo knob until you get it right. Refer to the video to hear what it sounds like.

Set your delay so the echos are almost as loud as the original note. Then, set it so you are getting 3 or 4 repeats that are trailing off.

Next, simply play 8th note arpeggios along with the click, and you'll hear this beautiful cascade of notes. Try going up and down scales, skipping strings, and get used to getting the timing right.

You can also play really big, lush chords. Try out different things and see where it all takes you!

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In The Style of The Edge