Arpeggiation in Ska

Now let's take these chords and break them apart into arpeggios. This is really common in ska music!

We'll use the same chords and their corresponding triads. As before, we're going to move them up and down the neck in various inversions. But now we're going play them as staccato arpeggios, which is a way of breaking up the chords.

This is a great alternative to add some variety and contrast into your playing. You can switch these up with your chords so your playing won't get stale.

Try starting out your arpeggios on the offbeats, just like you were emphasizing your upbeats in the previous examples. Also trying alternating - play one arpeggio ascending, and the next descending. Have fun with it!

Instructor Lawrence Katz
Ska Guitar 101
World Music
Arpeggiation in Ska song notation

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