Jinx Jones's Guitar Lessons

Jinx Jones

Jinx Jones has amassed professional experience in nearly every conceivable style and genre on the electric guitar. From his work with the R&B divas En Vogue, his own acclaimed rockabilly albums, to his stage performances with guitar greats like Chuck Berry and Roy Buchanan, Jinx has had animpressive musical career to say the least!

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Jimmy Reed image
Bright Lights, Big City Jimmy Reed

In this set of lessons, Jinx Jones will teach "Bright Lights, Big City", as made famous by Jimmy Reed. We'll look at the 12 bar blues progression after a song introduction and the gear and tone; then learn the song intro. The verse rhythm guitar comes next, and an alternate verse rhythm. We'll adapt the harmonica solo to guitar, then do full and single guitar performances and a jam along.

Published: 05/01/2014 Upgrade
The Brian Setzer Orchestra image
Jump, Jive, an' Wail The Brian Setzer Orchestra

In this series of lessons, Jinx Jones will be teaching you "Jump, Jive, an' Wail" as made famous by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Jinx will talk about the "old school" gear and tones, then delve into the song intro. He'll then examine the first verse and chorus parts, and the second verse and chorus, followed by the guitar solo. After that, it's time to learn the key change, and how to incorporate the horn parts. We'll finish off with a play along.

Published: 02/29/2012 Upgrade

Rockabilly Primer

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Jinx Jones
Rockabilly 101

In this tutorial, rockabilly expert Jinx Jones will introduce you to the style and give you some insights into how to approach playing it. Jinx will give you some background on rockabilly, then talk about how to get that tone. He'll then give two lessons on how to find the swing groove, and show you a couple of licks that work in any rockabilly setting. You'll finish off with a play along with the rockin' backing track in a play through performance.

Published: 04/04/2011 Upgrade