Core Learning System

The Guitar Tricks Core Learning System is a premier guitar lesson curriculum that will take any beginner guitar player from knowing almost nothing about the guitar, to being able to play songs, chords, riffs, solos, fingerstyle, and a lot more.

The Core Learning System is a comprehensive step-by-step program that guides you through the guitar learning process in an easy and super fun way.

Through Fundamentals Course 1, you’ll develop an overall understanding of the guitar; how to hold it properly, how to tune your guitar, your first chords and even some easy songs. You’ll get to the fun stuff right away to keep you motivated to learn more.

Fundamentals Course 2 goes a bit deeper. Additional chords, intricate riffs, fingerpicking styles, complex strumming and more. Through these Fundamentals 1 and 2 Courses you’ll learn how the guitar works, the mechanics of the guitar, as well as real-world playing techniques so you can start playing with your friends right away.

Continue to the Style Courses to further your guitar knowledge which include Blues, Country, Rock and Acoustic. These are the main musical styles which use guitar as a predominant instrument. In each style course you’ll learn not only the correct techniques, chords, rhythms and tones, but also the nuances of each style so you’ll be able to sound like the real deal.

The Guitar Tricks Core Learning System is a unique and comprehensive beginner guitar lesson curriculum which has helped over 4 million guitarists learn how to play! Try it for yourself and you’ll quickly see that Guitar Tricks is the best online guitar lesson program to guide you on your guitar learning journey.